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What Are Dental Crowns?

What Are Dental Crowns?

August 6, 2021

As your reliable source for all things related to dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC, Smiling Oak Dentistry takes pride in offering patient-specific solutions. Depending on your unique needs and preferences, a dental crown may be the best option for you. Below, we go over the basics of dental crowns.

What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cosmetic dentistry solution that aims to restore a tooth that has been damaged to a certain extent. The purpose of the dental crown is to protect the existing tooth and allow it to function normally while also making it appear more aesthetically pleasing if it’s a visible tooth. A variety of materials can be used for crowns, although porcelain is the most common option.

Single-Visit Dental Crown Appointments

Since we specialize in family dentistry, we realize some patients might prefer faster results whenever possible. When you choose to get dental crowns, we’ll be able to measure your tooth, craft the crown, and have it fitted over the damaged tooth in question. This is made possible with the help of a digital scanner that is typically used to create a 3D tooth model.

As a result, the crown can be prepared and put into place securely during a single visit after the tooth is prepared. One visit crowns are just as durable and patient-specific as traditional crowns.

Reasons for Getting Dental Crowns

Having a tooth that’s cracked, chipped, or broken but not severely so is one of the more common reasons why a dental crown may be recommended. Your dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC may also recommend dental crowns for any of the following reasons:

  • to replace an existing crown
  • tooth decay
  • as part of the process of having root canals
  • misshapen or abnormally sized teeth
  • minor issues with alignment or bite

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At Smiling Oak Dentistry, we offer convenient and affordable same day crowns. We’ll offer a solution that will give you many reasons to smile. Contact us today to learn more about same day crowns and other dental services we offer.

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