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The Zoom Teeth Whitening Process

The Zoom Teeth Whitening Process

July 2, 2021

A great looking smile is usually the first thing people notice upon introduction. For those who may need a little help getting their pearly whites to truly shine, dentistry in Downtown Charleston, SC is available to help address a variety of dental needs, including an innovative whitening procedure which delivers results quickly and effectively.

Is the Zoom Teeth Whitening Process New?

The Zoom whitening process is one of the most innovative techniques available in the cosmetic dentistry industry today. Previously, whitening procedures tended to be lengthy and tedious, and the results often varied between patients. The Zoom whitening procedure addresses all of these issues

How Does the Zoom Whitening Treatment Work?

The teeth whitening procedure works by combining the power of hydrogen peroxide and a specialized lamp. This lamp is specially designed to emit UV rays in order to reinforce the gel’s whitening properties once it is applied onto the teeth. This procedure is relatively painless, with only a very small percentage of people reporting mild discomfort. This sensation is temporary. The gel is reapplied onto the teeth every fifteen minutes, and is used in conjunction with the lamp throughout the procedure. The whitening procedure takes about sixty minutes from start to finish. Once completed, the patient is free to go about their day, without requiring any rest or recovery time.

Is the Zoom Whitening Treatment Permanent?

The whitening effects from a Zoom treatment will last anywhere between six months to a year. Though long lasting, the whitening effects are not permanent. Your dentist in Downtown Charleston, SC will provide you with a small kit at the end of treatment in order to touch up any areas which need to be addressed. Information regarding which foods and beverages to avoid will be given to the patient as well.

The condition of one’s teeth has a huge impact on self confidence. Dental health can also be indicative of an individual’s overall health and well-being. For those who feel that their teeth have room for improvement, the Zoom whitening treatment may be just the answer.

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