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When Are Dental Crowns the Ideal Solution?

When Are Dental Crowns the Ideal Solution?

June 9, 2021

A damaged, decayed, broken, or weakened tooth is often very painful, and consulting a dentist is usually the best course of action to take. Luckily, Smiling Oak Dentistry offers quality dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC. One of the dental solutions that we offer is the dental crown. While dental crowns are a good choice, there are certain instances where they are the most effective. Below are such instances.

When Your Teeth Are Extremely Decayed

Extremely decayed teeth are weak and tend to break easily. Hence, a filling cannot be used as a form of treatment. In this case, dental crowns are the best solution. They protect teeth from further decay and breaking and improve the teeth’s function. In addition, dental crowns improve your appearance and are preferred by many for cosmetic dentistry.

When Your Teeth Are Cracked or Broken

When your tooth cracks, it is at risk of breaking at any time. A dental crown will protect your tooth from cracking further or breaking completely. On the other hand, if your tooth is already broken, you need a dental crown to improve your appearance and to help you chew or bite well. We offer one visit crowns, and this saves you time and money from frequent visits to the dentistry.

When You Have Weakened Teeth

Teeth can be weakened by a lack of essential micronutrients. such as calcium. Your teeth can also weaken after certain dental procedures, such as root canals. These teeth need protection, and dental crowns are the ideal solution.

When Dental Fillings Won’t Work

When you have a large hole in your teeth, a filling is not the best option. This is because the teeth may wear out further and end up breaking. Dental caps will protect your teeth and ensure they perform their usual function.

While teeth are extremely durable, they do require professional diagnosis and treatment to help them stay that way. To get the best dentist in Mount Pleasant SC, contact Smiling Oak Dentistry and we will make sure you’ll leave with the best smile.

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