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Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

December 3, 2021

Over the years, there have been many misconceptions about what cosmetic dentistry is and what it can do for patients who want to have cosmetic dental procedures done. Read on as our dentist in Downtown Charleston, SC at Smiling Oak Dentistry dispels some of these myths and sheds light on the truths behind them.

Cosmetic Dentistry Causes Damage

One of the biggest myths about cosmetic procedures is that they damage the natural teeth. This idea is far from the truth. While getting veneers multiple types would typically require removing a thin layer of your teeth’s enamel, it is done so that we can put a stronger protective layer around your pearly whites. As such, we can say that cosmetic procedures like veneers, and even dental implants are incredibly safe and gentle when done by a professional.

Professional teeth whitening is another excellent example of this. Whitening treatments are highly effective, in part because they use only safe, high-quality ADA approved materials. So even though chemicals are involved, these treatments don’t damage teeth when done by a professional.

If you’re concerned about how safe dental procedures are, consider booking with a clinic that specializes in family dentistry like Smiling Oak Dentistry. Rest assured that we provide gentle and safe care for all our patients.

Braces Are the Only Option to Fix Gapped Teeth

Another myth is that braces are the only option to fix gapped teeth. Cosmetic no dentistry such as braces offers a variety of options to address any imperfections a patient may have with their teeth.

The Process is Long and Drawn Out

The final myth about cosmetic dentistry is that the process is long and drawn out. While it’s true that some procedures can take a few months to complete, other options only require a single visit, such as one visit crowns.

Dental implants, on the other hand, do take time as they entail a number of steps to complete.

We hope this post has helped you understand the myths surrounding cosmetic dentistry. If you’re looking for an expert in dentistry in Downtown Charleston, SC, we hope you consider Smiling Oak Dentistry.

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