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Is It Time to Get Dental Implants?

Is It Time to Get Dental Implants?

March 29, 2021


Missing teeth can have a huge health impact besides cosmetic issues. Patients can benefit from dental implants in different ways. Smiling Oak Dentistry has a professional team experienced in handling dental implants and can advise on when it is necessary to have them.

Here are signs you need a dental implant:

You Have Bone Loss

Jaw bone tissue often occurs in areas where you have missing teeth without roots present to stimulate growth. You should visit your dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC, to get a dental implant in place of missing teeth to act as an artificial tooth root. A dental implant is a cosmetic dentistry option that naturally bonds to the bone tissue to prevent mouth regression and jaw bone tissue deterioration.

You Have Missing Teeth

Most people opt for implants to replace a missing tooth because they appear natural. Therefore, you can consult us to undergo this family dentistry treatment if you have missing teeth so that no one will spot the difference. Patients who go on to have an implant will have no difficulty eating or talking, so they live their lives as though they have not lost a tooth.

Broken or Cracked Teeth

If other restorative dentistry options cannot repair a cracked or broken tooth, consider a dental implant. Before getting this method of restorative dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC, a dentist from Smiling Oak Dentistry will evaluate your teeth while paying attention to their overall health. You do not have to worry because the implant will appear and function like your other natural teeth.

You Have Loose Dentures or Loose Partials

Several people have loose partials and dentures. Visit our dental clinic if you have loose partials or dentures for a dental implant to fix the issue. You do not have to suffer anymore from the problems that loose dentures cause.

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