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One Visit Crowns: A Quick Way to Restore Your Teeth

One Visit Crowns: A Quick Way to Restore Your Teeth

February 15, 2022

At Smiling Oak Dentistry, we are committed to helping our patients deal with various dental needs that require our expertise in dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC. If you’ve been considering your options regarding tooth restoration, then you’ve come to the right place.

Smiling Oak Dentistry is a trusted dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC. Our clinic offers one visit crowns, and here’s what you need to know about them.

One Visit Crowns

We are committed to ensuring you have a perfect smile, and we can do so by fixing your crown issues the same day you visit our clinic. Our one visit crowns are suitable for those with busy schedules who cannot afford multiple visits. Once you make an appointment, you can drop by our clinic and get your crown installed the same day. The appointment will cover all needs such as consultation, diagnosis, fitting, and installation. 

Our family dentistry practice also specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Apart from one visit crowns, we offer our clients the following options when it comes to restoring their teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to replace a damaged tooth, from the roots to the crowns. The interesting thing about it, and one of its greatest advantages, is that dental implants eventually fuse with the jawbone, thus becoming permanent. This is undoubtedly a better option than removable dentures that can be a bit challenging to keep on.

Teeth Whitening

More than a dental procedure, we like to think of teeth whitening as a confidence-boosting procedure. All of our patients who have gotten this treatment have left our clinic smiling a bit wider.


Are you troubled about the color, size, shape, and general appearance of your teeth? We have veneers multiple types to help you achieve your desired look. 

We are committed to giving you the perfect smile makeover. Contact Smiling Oak Dentistry today.

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