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Foods That Help Promote Your Dental Health

Foods That Help Promote Your Dental Health

March 10, 2023

Smiling Oak Dentistry is a family dentistry clinic that offers high-quality and comfortable dental services. One of the main questions our dentists get from clients is about how diet affects dental health. Even with good dental hygiene practices like brushing and flossing twice daily, people can still suffer from dental issues due to their diet.

And while it’s true that some foods contribute to tooth decay, cavities, and plaque buildup that warrant a visit to the dentist, other types of food can help strengthen the teeth.

Crunchy Vegetables

Eating crunchy vegetables like carrots, celery, pears, and apples is a healthy way to clean teeth surfaces and eliminate plaque and tartar buildup. Some also have high water content, which helps increase saliva production to scrub away food particles and promote fresh breath. However, we advise patients with veneers multiple types and implants to go easy on the very crunchy vegetables because they might cause damage.


Nuts have numerous beneficial elements for the teeth, like phosphorus and calcium. We heavily recommend Brazil nuts, almonds, and cashew nuts because of their ability to fight bacteria causing tooth decay. Almonds are also rich in calcium, which helps strengthen the enamel and can help especially if you’re big on teeth whitening.

Peanuts are also an excellent source of vitamin D, while walnuts are rich in iron, thiamine, fiber, folic acid, zinc, and potassium. As always, we advise people with dental implants to be careful when biting down on food with hard textures.

Dairy Products

Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products strengthen the enamel and protect teeth against tooth decay because of their calcium and protein content. They also have low sugar content, which helps prevent tooth decay that might necessitate needing the help of an expert in dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC.


We advise clients to replace beverages like soda, coffee, and tea with water. This is because these beverages usually stain the teeth.

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