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Commonly Ignored Signs of Dental Issues

Commonly Ignored Signs of Dental Issues

December 5, 2022

Signs of dental issues are typically ignored, especially when they are deemed minor or inconsequential. Not all symptoms of dental issues look or feel like they’re worth seeking out a professional specializing in dentistry in Mount Pleasant, SC. However, you should still be wary of anything that might require professional dental attention.

Visit your family dentistry clinic if you notice any of these seemingly benign indicators of dental issues.

Tooth Decay – teeth can develop cavities and can decay when there’s a lot of plaque buildup. The longer this condition continues, the worse it gets, and ultimately may require extraction or veneers multiple types to stop the decaying process from continuing.

Toothache – A toothache should never be ignored, even if you can tolerate the pain. Your dentist may recommend getting tests done to determine what is causing the pain. Once the problem is identified, the appropriate dental treatments will be administered.

Bad Breath – Having bad breath can be embarrassing, but the repercussions of halitosis extend beyond mere social blunders. Bad breath could be due to gum disease, poor oral hygiene, or a bacterial infection. Regardless of which particular issue is at fault, it must be corrected immediately.

Loose teeth – People often ignore loose teeth because they don’t think much of them. But, loose teeth can lead to several other complications, including gum infections, bone loss, and even tooth loss. If your teeth are starting to loosen up on you, contact a dentist immediately for help. Dental implants can correct this problem permanently when appropriately placed.

Tooth Sensitivity – Teeth sensitivity occurs when the nerves in the teeth become irritated by either hot liquids or cold temperatures. It is very uncomfortable and can lead to other problems such as cavities, infections, and gum inflammation. You can also develop tooth sensitivity due to improper teeth whitening techniques.

Broken Tooth – Broken teeth can occur for many reasons, including accidents, genetics, old age, or improper treatment. If your tooth breaks, we recommend that you get one visit crowns (same day crowns) as soon as possible.

Color Change – White spots on the teeth indicate decay or overexposure to fluoride, among other things. Eventually, this can result in significant damage to the teeth. There are several ways to prevent tartar buildup, including brushing, teeth whitening strips, flossing tools, and rinsing your mouth with water after eating a particular food.

Smiling Oak Dentistry offers relevant information necessary to make the best decisions regarding their oral health, and we specialize in the treatments that can help you achieve your dental health goals. Contact us today.

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